Rally School

Strap yourself in for the ultimate Blokes’ Weekend in Colo! Mike has a go driving a rally car before being taken on a hot lap by 5 times Australian Safari Champion, Bruce Garland. Then, for a big change of pace, he unwinds and spends the night at the ultimate hideaway on the Colo River. And before heading back to Sydney, he’s making a pit stop for one of Sydney’s best meat pies at Glenorie Bakery.


Rally School
5308 Putty Rd, Colo Heights NSW 2756
Prices from $195 pp
Ph: 1800 208 000
By appointment

Colo River Hideaway
317 Lower Colo Rd, Lower Portland NSW 2756
From $315 per night
Ph: 0407 845 257

Glenorie Bakery
Shop 4/930 Old Northern Rd, Glenorie NSW 2157
Open 7 days
Ph: 9652 2624