Scrumptious Scandi

Note to our readers: Sven-San has since closed, as of August 2019. 

Sally heads to two of the hottest Scandi restaurants in Sydney, skål! First stop is Mjølner, a Viking inspired restaurant in Redfern. With a classic take on Scandinavian food and drinks served in horns, this restaurant is very unique. Next stop is Sven-San, a Japanese and Scandi fusion restaurant. Here they mix the classic flavours of Scandi and Japan to create a fresh new menu with dishes like Prawn Skagen Toast and a Sushi Cake!

Scrumptious Scandi

What's life without a little adventure? Ever tried Scandinavian food and drinks served from horns? Or perhaps a Scandinavian and Japanese infused sushi cake?Find all the details on our website:

Posted by Sydney Weekender on Sunday, 6 May 2018

Mjølner Restaurant and Cocktail Bar
267 Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney NSW 2016
Dishes from $24
Open Monday-Sunday 12pm – 10pm
Ph: 8646 4930