Fan+ Sports Experience

In today’s electronic age, it might feel easier to see what your favourite superstar is up to, but often any real interaction gets lost in a sea of online followers, and we’re left with a one-way conversation.

Now imagine if there was a streamlined way for you to meet and hang out with your hero, in person. This is exactly the light-bulb idea that founder Rod Harys had when he started Fan+.

Fan+ is a team of people who have made it their mission to connect you with your sporting or entertainer hero and design an experience that suits your dream. Fan + has experiences ranging from one-on-one coaching sessions, to group trainings, corporate events…or you could even grab dinner with your hero if you prefer something a little more relaxed. Proceeds of your booked experience also support local charities and community organisations!

We joined Rod and the team from Fan+ and saw first-hand what kicking goals looked like!