A Fiesta of Flavours

Sydney is no stranger to Tex-Mex food- Mexican food heavily influenced by American tastes. But if you seek an authentic Mexican food experience, beyond burritos and enchiladas, look no further than Chula! Located on Bayswater Rd in Kings Cross, Chula seeks to bring diners many of Mexico’s regional flavours, as well as delicious street food offerings. The signature dish here is the Pulpo a las Brasas which is grilled octopus cooked with potatoes in a guajillo-garlic oil that is to die for! The restaurant is warm and inviting, featuring muted, terracotta tones, and a well stocked central bar where you can enjoy a range of imported Mexican beers, tequila, mezcals and of course, a kick- ass spicy margarita!

Just around the corner, in Kellet Street, you’ll find another great modern Mexican restaurant…where many of the flavours are ancient! Casa Merida pays homage to the cuisine of Yucatan, in Mexico’s south, and highlights many traditional ingredients used by the Mayans for centuries. Stand-out dishes include the Sikil Pak Guacamole, a lime-heavy guac topped with roasted crickets which is a popular snack in Mexico. The Cochinita Pibil, is a  traditional Yucatan slow-cooked pork served with colado beans and fermented onions and is also a must for any visit. The bar at Casa Merida also boasts a wide range of tequilas and mezcals, including rare mezcals imported from indigenous communities in Oaxaca.


Chula, Potts Point


Casa Merida, Potts Point