The Sydney Modern project, adjacent to the Art Gallery of NSW, is the city’s most exciting cultural offering since the opening of the Opera House.

After years of construction, and hundreds of millions of dollars spent, the Sydney Modern is nothing short of breath-taking. Visitors are greeted by friendly giants in the Welcome Plaza. And when you step inside, and enter the Yiribana Gallery, you discover one of the most important art collections in Australia, curated by Cara Pinchbeck, the senior curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art.

In the Yiribana Gallery, there are works by both traditional and contemporary artists, in many forms of media, from paintings to traditional weavings. Sydney Modern also features an International Gallery, with works by artists from across the globe, and the incredible, subterranean Tank Room which used to store petroleum. The incredible and imposing space poses the perfect backdrop for works on an epic scale.

The Sydney Modern project is nothing short of spellbinding and is a true cultural gift for all Sydney-siders.


Art Gallery of NSW