Asian Flavours at Home

Take- away has been an absolute saviour in lockdown! But some restaurants
have gone one step further, in their attempts to pivot during COVID, and have
created their very own take-away DIY boxes, featuring some of your favourite
dishes. Lit Canteen, in Alexandria, is home to tasty, authentic street food. Now,
you can recreate some of their top-selling dishes at home, during lockdown,
with their tailor-made and freshly prepared Bahn Mi and Rice Paper boxes.
Perfect for a dinner at home, and just in time for Sydney’s picnic season, the
DIY Bahn Mi includes four, fresh and crisp bread rolls, as well as in- house
prepared Vietnamese meats, salads, and the all important pate and sauces. For
those who love to get hands-on, the Rice Paper boxes feature all the
ingredients you need to make your own rice paper rolls with Vietnamese
meats, sugarcane prawns and fresh salad. They also come with deep fried
spring rolls, and other condiments and accompaniments.

Chaco Ramen is one of Sydney’s most popular ramen restaurants, offering
freshly prepared ramen in both traditional, and modern, styles. During
lockdown, Chaco Ramen has also created several DIY boxes, including freshly
prepared ingredients, ramen, and everything else you need to whip up a fresh,
steaming bowl at home. The take-away frozen packs come in various flavours,
including Fat Soy, Yuzu Scallop, Chilli Coriander and Tomato Yan Yan
(vegetarian). All you need to do is heat the soup, cook the ramen, add the
condiments on top, and then slurp away!




Lit Canteen, Alexandria

Chaco Ramen, Darlinghurst