Australian Reptile Park

What’s better than spending the day at the Australian Reptile Park in Gosford? Being a keeper for the day.

Australian Reptile Park

Posted by Sydney Weekender on Monday, 7 December 2020

And you can do it. Both kids and adults can come here and find out what it’s like to really look after the animals, and you’ll get some fantastic access to the behind the scenes action at the park as you do it.

See what’s happening in the breeding program. While we were there we got to cuddle two baby Tasmanian devils. But be careful, they may be little but they already know how to bite.

In the Venom Room, you can see how venom is extracted from the many snakes that call Australia home with an expert snake-milker. It’s mind blowing to see these animals up close, especially when a tiny drop of venom could make a lot of people very sick indeed.

There is so much to do in your day. Help out in the cages of the dingoes and Hugo the giant tortoise. Handle a pair of tawny frogmouths and feed them some crickets right up close. And build a fruit ladder for the parrots to keep them entertained.

It’s how you turn a great day at the Australian Reptile Park to an absolutely unforgettable day.