Symbio Wildlife Park

At a zoo, springtime means one thing – babies! And at Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh, on Sydney’s southern edge, there’s been a baby boom that you just have to see.

Meet Bana, the koala joey, who spends most of his day snuggling with Mum and chewing on grey gum leaves. Then there’s Petal, a red necked wallaby joey who is always keen to pop her head out and say hi. Then there are Harley and Hadley, two Tasmanian devil joeys who are absolutely adorable and bundled up in blankets.

There are plenty of teens to hang with as well – pygmy marmosets, ring-tailed lemurs and American alligators. And look really closely to find the world’s smallest baby python, the pygmy python.

While you’re here your own babies can cool off in the sensational splashpark.

Springtime at Symbio – you’ll have to visit at this time of year, every year!


Symbio Wildlife Park