Canterbury Ice Rink: skating lessons, ice hockey and more!

You may think ice sports aren’t big in Australia, but at the Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink, they eat, sleep and live for the ice! A world-class skating and ice sports facility, the Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink — located in Sydney’s inner west — is where you can try out many different types of ice sports. For first-time skaters, there’s the Beginners Figure Skating classes, perfect for all ages. Under the watchful guidance and tutelage of the experienced coaches, beginner skaters will learn techniques and gain confidence on the ice.

Once you have your balance and the basics under your belt, you can progress to other classes and styles of ice-skating. Those include team sports such as synchronised skating and — for those who like to get their adrenaline racing– speed skating! There’s also an ice hockey development program for budding players.

The Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink has been the home training facility for both past and present champions, including Steven Bradbury (who won an unexpected gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics), and Australia’s first indigenous athlete to compete at a Winter Olympics (Seoul), Harley Windsor. Harley is also a twice Australian national skating champion.

Other facilities at the Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink include an in-house shop — for all your skating needs — and a café!