Cook for Dignity with Kids Giving Back

There are so many benefits to volunteering. You help your community, you meet new people and you improve your own health and wellbeing. And when the volunteering involves kids and food, all the better.

Kids Giving Back is a not-for-profit charity offering programs for kids and their families to assist vulnerable people in the community in a hands-on, meaningful way.

One of those programs is Cook4Dignity, where the families get together to make hot meals for homeless people around NSW. Helped by a professional chef, it’s a help others and pick up a few cooking tips on the way.

The kids choose fresh vegetables according to the recipe and the families work together to make a nutritious and delicious meal. There’s chopping, dicing, slicing, cooking and packing to be done, and it’s all done with care and love.

Kids Giving Back has produced over 85,000 meals for homeless people, with 35,000 being made in the last year. It’s a way people can give back and put food in front of needy people at the same time. And it’s a great way for a family to spend time together helping others.

Kids Giving Back, Paddington
0403 028 781