Dingo Den

In a suburban garden, in western Sydney, one man is on a mission to save the animals he calls the ‘wild-hearted’- dingos. Candice visits the Dingo Den Animal Rescue, run by Joshua Said- an animal rescue service that also provides a sanctuary and home for orphaned dingo pups, often the result of dingo culling, and injured dingos. Lacking government protection, and classified as a pest, dingos face many challenges in the survival of the species.

In his purpose-built backyard, Josh has replicated conditions that dingos would live in, in the wild, with plenty of space for the animals to roam, chill, and for those dingos who like to swim, there’s even a small dam!


Candice spends the day with Josh, his volunteers, and sixteen resident dingos who each have their unique look, and personalities. Josh dispels some of the many misconceptions about the dingo, which is one of the most mistrusted, mistreated and misunderstood animals.


While Josh has rescued over three hundred dingos, he hasn’t done so alone. Josh is joined by a team of dedicated volunteers who help feed, walk, groom and care for these uniquely Australian animals. For those keen to contribute to the survival of this threatened species, there are three ways that you can help out: the first is to become a volunteer, the second is to sponsor a dingo by providing regular financial support, and the third way is to either foster or adopt a dingo, into your home. You too can be part of the push, and movement, to save the wild-hearted!