Sydney Zoo – Dinosaur Safari

What’s the most exotic animal you’ve ever seen at a zoo? Well, if you head to Sydney Zoo at Eastern Creek anytime in April, you’re going to see the most exotic collection of animals of all time.

We’re talking dinosaurs, and the Dinosaur Safari Trail is open for business all April. Catch up with all your favourites, like the armour-plated, spiny-tailed Stegosaurus, the three-horned triceratops and the speedy by scary velociraptor. Then check in with some lesser-known, but just as impressive, cousins like the Parasaurolophus, the Carnotaurus and the Saltasaurus.

And of course, there’s the biggest and scariest dinosaur of all – Tyrannosaurus Rex

Most of the models are animatronic and they really are going to impress junior paleontologists and dinosaur lovers of all ages.

After you’ve hunted down all the dinosaurs, go and visit a few of their modern-day cousins, like the cassowary, the rhino and of course the crocodile.

Whether you love the prehistoric or the present-day animals, you’re going to love your visit to Sydney Zoo.


Sydney Zoo