Dubbo Spring Essentials

Dubbo is a fantastic town year-round but it’s during springtime that Dubbo really shines. There have been tough times of late but with the recent rain, the landscape has greened up and the wattle’s in bloom. So where do you start when exploring Dubbo? Well, the Old Dubbo Gaol is a great place. Built in the 1800s, the gaol was in operation up until 1966. Today, it’s a world-class interactive museum with live shows and escape tours that chronicle the oft-thwarted endeavours of former prisoners. Then, for a taste of the region’s natural attractions, take a trip out to nearby Wellington and head underground to the incredible Wellington Caves.

There are two caves and a former phosphate mine with beautiful calcite crystal formations like stalagmites, stalactites, columns, flowstones and coral. The old mine also bears fossils of giant megafauna, which once roamed Australia. And for a unique place to stay, Outback Cellar Dubbo out at Boora is a great pick. There’s the Loft Studio above the main house and a charming country, two-bedroom cottage. But the real drawcard is the Cellar Door Guesthouse. A former cellar door, it has been converted into a stunning abode that sleeps up to four people. Located on a working property, the grounds are a mix of raw Australian landscapes and lush manicured gardens. It also lies on the Macquarie River- perfect for a morning or afternoon swim!

Old Dubbo Gaol
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Wellington Caves, Apsley
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Outback Cellar Dubbo
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