Dural Restaurants

Here’s a lovely way to spend a Saturday – a delightful day out, a little bit of shopping and a sensational lunch. And here’s somewhere to do it – Dural.

First head to Wild Pear, a cracker of a café nestled in a charming cottage right in the middle of a nursery. Owners Jeanette and Lorraine have scoured the local area to bring the freshest ingredients from nearby farmers into the café. As soon as it’s picked it’s on your plate, and don’t they make the most of it. Lea is visiting in peach season which means she can try a Peach Melba French Toast, and even Twice-cooked Duck with Marinated Peaches as a main course. The burgers are legendary and you can’t leave without trying their magical pav.

While in the area, Lea is also dropping in at Hills Organic, tucked away in an industrial complex just down New Line Road. It’s packed with incredible wholefoods, both on the shelves of the shop and on the plates of the café. For breakfast, she’s trying the Sunshine bowl packed with frozen mango and frozen pineapple and the famous Vegan gluten-free waffles. Another must try is the jackfruit burger, the vegan answer to pulled pork!