Early Start Discovery Space & Science Space

Every parent wants to give their child the best start…and now there’s a whole museum that combines play with learning, and the kids will love it!

The Early Start Discovery Space, located within the grounds of the University of Wollongong campus, is a place where children, and curious young minds can run free. It’s also the only children’s museum on a university campus, anywhere in the world! The space is divided into different experiences, where children can engage in imaginative play. Highlights include ‘Emergency, Emergency’, where kids can dress as their favourite emergency services workers, ‘The Antarctic Research Vessel’ which simulates an actual research ship so kids can captain their own adventures while learning about Antarctica, and ‘The Pod’ which recreates an enchanting natural world where kids and parents can chill out.

If you have older kids, there’s Science Space, also located within the University of Wollongong campus which is where kids can learn about science and technology using interactive, fun exhibits. Science Space is also home to the biggest, and most digitally advanced, Planetarium in NSW! The Planetarium is mesmerising, with visitors being transported across the solar system to planets, while being immersed in another world. The centre also has a range of live science shows- from ‘Bubbleology’ to ‘lIquid Nitrogen’- that are literally out of this world! Your kids will have so much fun, they won’t even know they’re actually learning.


Early Start Discovery Space



Science Space