Eating Out: Bondi Bites

Bondi is one of the most famous beaches in the world, and the dining there is world-class. But don’t just take our word for it, hop on over and try it for yourself.

Drake Eatery is on the corner of Gould and Curlewis Streets and features a sparkling mod Oz menu from chef and owner Ian Oakes.

We started with the albacore tuna with fingerlimes, followed by the divine pan-roasted gnocchi with Gippsland blue cheese and tea-soaked raisins. Vegos are well serviced with dishes like the soft-grilled eggplant with ginger miso, and there’s always a sustainably-caught fish of the day.

As a Drake is also a male duck, there’s always a duck dish on offer. We had it with Szechuan salt, sliced jujubes and a plate of deep-fried brussels sprouts on the side.

Those flavours perfectly prepared us for our next stop – China Diner on Hall Street. We started with their most popular dishes: the chicken spring roll — known as the chicko roll by regulars — and the duck-skin pancakes, made with duck breast, not just the skin.

China Diner also has a new look menu of plant-based dishes like the Shanghainese-style salad with choy sum, sprouted lentils and mung beans. There’s also fermented tofu, silky buckwheat noodles with seaweed and the cauliflower ma-po tofu.

So head to the beach, even if you’re not swimming, and get a taste of some of Bondi’s finest.