Family Fun at Sydney Zoo

Planning your next family day out just got a whole lot easier.

Sydney Zoo, the first new full-service zoo in the Sydney metropolitan area is open for business. The 16.5-hectare site houses over 1,000 animals, and it’s an incredible collection.

There are heaps of Australian natives, a massive collection of primates, an aquarium, the largest nocturnal house in the southern hemisphere, and all the exotic animals that really make a trip to the zoo a blast, including lions, tigers, elephants and giraffes.

And Sydney Zoo also offers a range of opportunities where you can get right up close to some of the animals. There’s a Meerkat encounter where you can find yourself hand feeding mealy worms to these curious little characters. And there’s also the only capybara encounter in NSW, where you can get to meet the world’s largest rodent.

But the standout encounter is feeding one of the four adult male lions in the zoo. It’s an unbelievable thrill to feel the hot breath of the king of the beasts as it wolfs down meat right from your hand.

Once you’ve fed a few animals up close, have a bit of lunch yourself at the Boulevard Café. That’ll give you the strength you need to spend the rest of the day exploring everything else Sydney Zoo has to offer.

Sydney Zoo, Bungarribee
7202 2560