Feathered Friends

Coming in countless colours, and in all different shapes and sizes, birds are among the most fascinating creatures on earth. But with the increase of urban development, natural disasters and human interference, many of the world’s bird species are facing real threat. Fortunately, there’s a tireless team in Western Sydney that are fighting for our feathered friends!

This weekend Luke Carroll visits Feathered Friends, in Orchard Hills. As Australia’s largest avian facility, the centre, also known as The Sanctuary, provides captive and wild birdlife with hope and the chance to experience wild flight again.

Join Luke as he gets up close and personal with a few stars of The Sanctuary’s captive breeding program, including an adorable Red-tailed Black Cockatoo and a pair of magnificent Andean Condors. 

Next, Luke takes part in The Sanctuary’s amazing Hawking Experience. As well as giving injured and captive birds a sense of wild flight, this incredible encounter also allows visitors to get hands-on with a spectacular selection of Australian birds of prey, including a Barn Owl, a Black Kite, and Wedge-Tailed Eagle called Oden.

Feathered Friends