BridgeClimb – Burrawa Climb

Opened in 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a world-famous icon, connecting the most beautiful harbour in the world, from north to south. And, for those keen to climb it, BridgeClimb has the keys!

There are several different climbs you can do at BridgeClimb, but if you’re keen to learn about the history of Sydney, from a First Nations perspective, the Burrawa climb is for you. ‘Burrawa’ is an Aboriginal word, meaning ‘above’ or ‘upwards’ and this climb is led by indigenous guides and storytellers. Before setting foot, out onto the bridge, Indigenous guides first take participants through an ochre ceremony. Along the way, you’ll hear dreamtime stories, and learn about the many clans, and their stories, who called Sydney Harbour their home, for thousands of years.  Climbers are encouraged to experience the climb, and the harbour, from an indigenous perspective as they look down upon the harbour shores, and learn about the origins of the names of familiar places, like Bennelong Point, and Barangaroo. The climb is doable for most fitness levels, and once you reach the summit, you’re rewarded with the best view in town!

BridgeClimb Sydney