Refettorio OzHarvest Sydney

Sydney is a city overflowing with world-class restaurants, but there’s one restaurant, in Surry Hills, where they’re providing more for the community than just fantastic food.

Refettorio OzHarvest Sydney is a unique collaboration between OzHarvest and the international food security charity, Food for Soul, run by celebrated chef Massimo Borturra and Lara Gilmore. The aim of this neighbourhood eatery is to deliver a community restaurant serving delicious, vegetarian food, together with a strong social justice message that everyone deserves access to healthy nourishing food, especially those in need.

Refettorio OzHarvest Sydney is a social justice enterprise, providing free, three-course lunches, no questions asked, to everyone who dines in. For those keen to dine here at night, regular three course Neighbourhood Dinners are held with a complimentary non-alcoholic drink, where every ticket sold provides at least four meals for other people. This really is a restaurant that nourishes both the body and the soul.

Refettorio OzHarvest Sydney


Food for Soul