Fresh produce in Sydney from Pocket City Farms

We’ve found a place that lets you get the ‘farmer feels’ without having to skip town. It’s called Pocket City Farms and it is the perfect reset button after the grind of the working week.

Set on a sprawling 1,200 square metres, this working farm is run by experienced and sustainably-minded farming folk, who wanted a way to reconnect with where food comes from without having to leave the city. They welcome volunteers to get down and dirty, weeding whilst learning about farming and growing food. With a number of creative workshops on offer, you’ll feel a connection to the farm and to home-grown produce in a very special way.

Pocket City Farms’ delicious produce is sold at a weekly farm gate stall and their monthly crop swap is a sight to behold, with every veggie and fruit you can think of, and all for the bargain price of… whatever produce you’ve brought with you!

Special tips for locals: there’s even a curb-side forest of goodies, planted to provide free food for local residents!