Glow For It!

Sydney’s favourite new light festival is back for it’s second year. GLOW at Sydney Zoo is a spectacular night out for the whole family, and there is just so much to see.

Start out on the GLOW Light Walk where you’ll see the incredible 7News Underwater Wonderland display featuring jellyfish dancing in a kelp forest. Keep moving to see plenty more animal sculptures, including the 27-metre long animatronic skink, Tarutharu.

If you want to check out some real animals at night, the sensational aquarium and world’s biggest Reptile & Nocturnal house are both open for business.

And when you’re ready for action head to the GLOW Zone. Start off easy at the neon playground, then work your way up to the Glowy golf minigolf extravaganza, the dreamy sounds and lights of the Sky Castle, and the spinning, swirling Vortex Tunnel.

A little excitement and a whole lot of fun, all under the most magical lighting you’ve ever seen. There’s no other way to say it – GLOW at Sydney Zoo is totally lit.


Sydney Zoo