Get Hands On With These Workshops

We sent our super bubbly presenter, Lizzy Lovette, to Omnom Cheese Making Classes in Rosebery to see how easy it is to get cheesy!

Omnom has many different classes to choose from – Lizzy’s doing the “Bubbles, Burrata and Bocconcini Class” led by Marley Badia, the founder of the company.

Marley promises to turn you into a bocconcini buff in ninety minutes and you’ll leave with close to a kilo of your own hand-made cheese plus the skills to make cheese in your own home kitchen.

There are a lot of laughs and a whole lot of fun as everyone stretches, folds and balls ‘melt in your mouth’ pillows of burrata and bocconcini. With endless sparkling wine included, it’s a class you’ll absolutely love.

And who says Finger Painting is just for kids? Definitely not Stephen Evans – the legendary Bondi artist who’ll teach you how to use the paint brushes that you carry around on the end of your hands!

The Boozy Finger Painting Workshop happens on Friday nights at Work-Shop Sydney in Redfern and as the name suggests there’s a glass (or two!) of wine to enjoy as you create your masterpiece. (BYO bevvies).

It doesn’t take much for Lizzy to channel her inner child – and the result you have to see!

Omnom Cheese Making, Rosebery
0476 787 267

Work-Shop Sydney, Redfern
0466 841 986