Spice Trail

Who doesn’t love going out for breakfast? Well why not look past your bacon and eggs, or avo on toast. Join a Gourmet Safari Indian Breakfast tour in Harris Park and spice things up a little.

Our tour begins at Chatkazz restaurant, where a massive menu can be a little daunting without someone like our guide Bhavna to walk you through it.

We started with a frothy cup of sweet and spicy masala chai, then tucked into some dahi puri – small puffs of fried bread filled with potato, chick peas and yoghurt. Next was an alarming large masala dosa – a fermented rice crepe filled with spicy mashed potato, Vada Pav – an Indian vegeburger on a soft white bun, and Kharma Dhokla – a steamed sweet and savoury cake.

We moved on to Radhe Wholesale & Retail, the Indian supermarket next door, to get an idea of how to navigate the shop and what to buy to recreate some of those incredible dishes at home.

The tour finished with a kulfi – an Indian ice cream – at Shri Refreshment Bar.

With 25 years of experience, Gourmet Safaris really know how to show you the culture behind your favourite multicultural flavours.


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