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There are so many secret spots on the Keppel Islands…and we’ve found one of the best ways to discover them, especially if you’re an adrenalin lover.

The key to The Keppel Explorer tour is all in the name. It zips visitors from the mainland town of Yeppoon to the 18 stunning islands in Keppel Bay, within minutes! With this 12-seat high-speed vessel, the journey is as good as the destinations!

The tour claims that “explorers” will see more, do more & explore more than anyone else…and Scotty’s the man who will make that happen! He’s the tour guide and owner with an infectious positive personality. He loves sharing stories of the ancient landscape and taking visitors secluded beaches and uninhabited islands that not many people know about.

He’ll show you places like the Keppel Christmas Tree, island dunes, incredible sea caves, and take you to some of the best snorkelling sites in the world! This is the Southern Great Barrier Reef after all. A lot of people don’t realise that the Great Barrier Reef stretches further south than here, along the Queensland coast.

It’s incredible that this underwater wonderland is less than an 8 hour drive, or a 1 hour flight from Brisbane.

Sofie is one of the guides on the Keppel Explorer tour and is also marine biologist! It’s awesome to have her describing what you’re seeing when snorkelling the bright colourful coral and spotting all kinds of sea life. The locals don’t wear stinger suits and swimming with turtles is a common thing here! It is seriously an incredible place.

From atop an island sand dune or lookout you can easily see the fringing reef surrounding the islands through the sparkling clear water. Forget 50 shades of grey, this is 100 shades of blue! And we asked Sofie for the scientific reason why there are so many shades of blue “That’s just magic…the Keppel Magic.”

It’s that magic that lured Scotty here from Sydney many years ago. He came for a visit and never left. “I thought I better get a boat and bring people here. It’s too good.”

The Capricorn Coast straddles the Tropic of Capricorn and shares its latitude with Rio De Janeiro and Mauritius…so it’s no wonder it’s a sub-tropical paradise.

As Scotty says “It’s really about disconnecting to reconnect. Reconnect with nature and just let it all loose and feel freedom. That real feeling of freedom and that sense of adventure, and get that young youth heart, get that inner child back out again”


If you really want to disconnect, you can stay on Great Keppel Island. It’s all about going barefoot and getting back to basics. There are 17 beaches on this island alone!…bushwalks, lookouts, snorkelling from the shoreline, and all just a 30minute ferry from the mainland.

Great Keppel Island Hideaway offers affordable beachfront accommodation. There’s a licenced restaurant and bar with beautiful sunset views, and so many special spots to while away the arvo. No cars, no technology, no worries…

This itinerary is all about connecting with nature, exploring tropical paradise and getting a good dose of sun, sand and sea.


If you’d like to experience the charm of the Keppel Islands, Yeppoon, and the Southern Great Barrier Reef check out

It’s a region that really does have it all!




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