Isuzu I-Venture Club

When you purchase an Isuzu vehicle you also get access to an exclusive club, the I-Venture Club. Isuzu 4WDs are not your regular 4WDs, meaning you’re not a regular driver! The I-Venture Club gives you access to a range of different experiences at locations across the country that’ll help you build your 4WD skills and help you become an off-road driving champion. Whether it’s learning to change a tyre, traversing over sand, or mastering a water crossing, you’ll be able to truly test the limits of your Isuzu and just what these awesome vehicles are capable of!

Hit the road with Isuzu I-Venture Club!

Did you know if you already own an Isuzu UTE, you're already part of the I-Venture Club? And if you don't have one, see just how this awesome 4WD training works:

Posted by Sydney Weekender on Thursday, 22 November 2018

Your enthusiastic and qualified driving instructors are all experts in handling Isuzu vehicles and know how to make the most of their features. If you’ve got a question, they’ll have an answer! The courses include a theoretical presentation and lots of hands-on driving. No matter what your skill level, instructors like David Wilson will help you understand how to handle your vehicle, through the toughest terrain with relative ease. The locations used for the courses are also breathtaking destinations that are off the beaten track so you get to take in the stunning views along the way. I-Venture Club is the only manufacturer supported 4WD driver training initiative in the country, and the longest lasting. If you want to learn how to make the most of your Isuzu give them a call today!