ISUZU Surf Patrol

It’s not hard to find a true Aussie hero, just head to the beach! The men and women of Surf Lifesaving Australia are performing truly heroic acts day in and day out.

And they’ve come a long way from the days of liner and belt rescues. Now their gear includes drones, defibrillators and a whole bunch of other cutting edge lifesaving technology, including a fleet of ISUZU MU-X and D-MAX four-wheel drives.


The ISUZU D-MAX is the real workhorse on the beach, and can act just like a surf club on wheels. All the gear needed for a successful rescue is on-board, and the speed and agility of the vehicle means they can reach every part of the beach and get to any situation quickly and safely.


The D-MAX is also perfect for towing surfboats and jetskis easily, even through the softest sand.


ISUZU’s partnership with Surf Lifesaving Australia will give our surf lifesavers a reliable and durable vehicle that will make saving lives easy and make our beaches even safer this summer.