Little Tradies

You’re never too little to learn new life skills, and that’s the philosophy at Little Tradies in Neutral Bay. For kids, aged from just four years old (and up to twelve years old), Little Tradies offer a range of great classes centered on teaching kids trade-based skills, in a fully-equipped workshop space. Kids engage in practical activities, and learn the fundamentals of various trades, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and auto-mechanical. Kids will also learn about environmentally-sustainability factors, to help influence their decision-making.

Little Tradies is underpinned by three core tenets — sensorial (activities involving touch such as using various tools and materials), language (listening to, and following, teacher instructions and communicating with fellow Little Tradies) and mathematics (measuring, addition and use and understanding of various shapes). Based on this premise, kids are having fun AND learning at the same time, without even realising!

Kids will relish getting ‘hands-on’ with a whole range of tools- from basic ones including hammers, hand-saws and screw drivers, right through to a whole gamut of power tools- from electric drills to sanders. In the classes, kids get to make a whole range of items- from wooden dinosaurs, right through to stools and other useful items.

Safety is paramount at Little Tradies. There are both trained teachers and helpers in the workshop, at all times, so the kids are under constant supervision, while they gain life- changing, and life-affirming new skills.