My Sydney Weekender with Ricki-Lee

Matt Baseley is on tour with Australia’s sweetheart, Ricki-Lee Coulter, to explore two of her favourite places in Sydney.

Ricki-Lee became a household name when she starred on Australian Idol in 2004 and now, on the eve of a National Tour, she and Matt are on a private tour of one of her concert venues – the glorious State Theatre.

And you can do it, too! The Guided Tours run every week – and you’ll find out why this magnificent building is known as “The Palace of Dreams”.

You’ll also discover that what you thought was genuine – is actually fake. And that what looks fake is actually the REAL deal!  Intrigued?

After the tour Matt and Ricki-Lee Eat Out at South Dowling Sandwiches in Darlinghurst – famous for making the best sangers in Sydney!

Their Classic Salad Sandwich has a whopping 14 different fillings: caramelized carrots, grilled eggplant, potato salad, mushrooms, lentils, red cabbage, cucumber, capsicum, green beans, zucchini, beetroot, lettuce, rocket and tomato!

Get all THAT in your mouth – and you’ll be SO happy!