Orange’s best boutiques

We all know about the wonderful boutique wines and boutique accommodation in Orange, but wait until you see the boutiques themselves!

Orange has plenty of fab shopping on tap, and two of the best are The Sonic and The White Place.

Set in a refurbished 1864 Masonic Hall, The Sonic brings together clothing store Iglou and homewares store Jumbled under the one roof – with Nimrod’s café thrown in for good measure. Owner Pip Brett wanted to create a concept store and she’s certainly done that, bringing masses of style and colour to waken her customers’ senses.

Both Iglou and Jumbled heavily feature Australian designers, and also Australian artists, whose work can be seen right through the building. Pip believes an artwork can be the key to decorating a room, and the staff at Jumbled can help you style your place by pulling tones and colours from a particular piece.

A few streets away is The White Place, another stylish and inspiring collection of homewares, clothes and art. Owner Alex Murphy has styled each room of the shop as a home with a living room, two bedrooms and a dining room – and everything, in every room, is for sale.

Alex also runs The White Place Home, a cool and comfortable accommodation option not far from the shop. There are three bedrooms, a living room, sun room and even a brilliant little backyard. And guess what? Everything in the house is for sale!