Out of Africa

How about this for a whole new spin on continental cooking? Try a different continent with a true taste of Africa at Little Lagos in Newtown.

Just like Europe, there are different styles of food wherever you go, and as the name suggests, the menu at Little Lagos is Nigerian through and through.

Chef Kemi is dedicated to serving up dishes from her homeland that are as aromatic as they are authentic. Like the classic combination of jollof rice, long-grain basmati cooked with tomato, capsicum and a healthy dosing of Nigerian spices. And you can have it with the traditional sides – goat stew and fried plantains.

Another real Nigerian experience is the pounded yams served with the spicy spinach, fish and meat stew Efo Riro. The yams are pounded in a saucepan until they have the consistency of pizza dough. You then make a ball of it with your hands and scoop up the stew. Super clean hands only for that one!

We also tried another rice dish – Nigerian Fried Rice. Unlike the Chinese classic, this has a hint of Nigerian curry powder, and it the perfect accompaniment to another one of Kemi’s sensational stews.

There’s also plenty for vegetarians, including the fiery black-eyed bean dish Ewa Agonyi. And if you want a full vegan Nigerian experience, keep an eye out for Little Lagos’ midweek specials.

Little Lagos Bistro & Bar, Newtown

0416 482 820