Parkour Power with the Pro Taggers of Ultimate Tag Australia

‘Tag you’re it!’ Yep, we have all said it at some point in our lives because tag is one of those games we have all played as kids. And now ‘Ultimate Tag’ is a brand new game show on Channel 7, taking this childhood game to exciting new heights…literally!

It’s fun, it’s fast and it features professional ‘taggers’ who compete against everyday Australians to take out the prize money and title of Ultimate Tag Champion.

Pete catches up with two of the shows professionals: Hollywood and The Kid to see what they are made of. They show him their amazing skills and fill him in on the show before unleashing Pete at AAPES in Botany, a tag playground.

Pete checks out the adults and kids parkour classes, before joining the beginners class and getting his parkour on. He learns how to flip, jump and leap around the parkour course in a safe but fun way.

AAPES Parkour, Botany

0468 565 878
18 Tenterden Road, Botany 2019