Penrith Cables & iFly

If you love action and adventure, you’ll find plenty of it in Penrith. Sydney Weekender sent our resident iron-woman, Candice Warner, to iFLY– Sydney’s Indoor Skydiving centre. This is the closest thing to actual skydiving, with participants experiencing zero gravity in an indoor tunnel that replicates the sky-diving experience. Following an orientation and instruction, with an experienced instructor, participants then gear up, before entering the high-powered tunnel for the experience of a lifetime. Once you get a handle on the basics, your instructor might take you on a thrilling tandem ride, to the very top of the tunnel! Age and disability is no barrier to flyers, as kids as young as three, and people as old as one hundred, have taken the plunge at iFLY.


In Penrith, you’ll find action in the air, and on the water! Candice heads to Cables Wake Park– the only wakeboarding park in the whole country that has two FULL sized cables systems, operating in opposite directions. Candice teams up with the ‘Queen of Wakeboarding’ and co-owner of Cables Wake Park, Courtney Angus, for a private wakeboarding lesson. There is plenty of grassy space, to watch all the action on the water, as well as a cafe for all your food and beverage needs. For those who are keen to fully immerse themselves in the sport of wakeboarding, you can even stay onsite at the Cables Lodge, and enjoy wakeboarding camps, and then kick back post-wakeboarding, in the communal lounge and games area.



iFly Downunder, Penrith

Cables Wake Park, Penrith

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