Plan a weekend to Bungendore

When you’re a little town on the outskirts of Australia’s Capital city, you’re probably used to being a little overlooked. But no sad faces here… That’s kind of how they like it in Bungendore, 40 kilometres’ drive from Canberra. Mike got off the King’s Highway to explore this historic village and the first words he heard were in French!

Bienvenue! That’s “welcome” in French — to Le Tres Bon Restaurant — where Mike learned to cook France’s famous seafood stew “bouillabaisse”. Chef Christophe Gregoire has small group cooking classes in his restaurant and the food is ooh la la — extraordinaire! Mike has a sweet tooth, so there’s crème brulee as well, with locally-grown truffles.

Bungendore also has plenty to feed your cultural, artistic and retail appetites. Try walking out of Bungendore Woodworks Gallery or Bungendore Leather empty-handed… bet you can’t! Make it a sleepover and stay at The Old Stone Cottage, an absolutely beautiful building (over 160 years old) on an acre of gardens, then enjoy a gourmet breakfast in the morning. Bon appetit!