Rest In Pieces

If you’re looking for a totally unique and fascinating learning experience, you can’t go past Australia’s first ever taxidermy workshop!  


Rest In Pieces is an educational and inspirational institute in Redfern specialising in the time-honoured skill of preserving and presenting all sorts of natural specimens, from roosters, rats and rabbits – and Insects!  


The Insect Preservation Workshop is nothing short of fascinating and covers everything from identification to basic insect anatomy. The institute’s expert team of teachers will walk you through each and every process, from rehydration and specimen repair, to pinning and displaying. Absolutely no entomology or insect preservation experience is necessary and everything is provided – including lunch. And you get to keep your specimens! 


Whether it’s a skill you’ve always wanted to learn or you’re just curious about this dying art, Rest In Pieces is an experience that you’ll want to preserve forever.