Riverside Show

Parramatta River is one of Sydney’s oldest and most important waterways. And along its banks lies one of the area’s most iconic venues – Riverside Theatres!

Riverside Theatres is the cultural heart of Sydney’s central river city, and has hosted some world-class performances and events over the years, from musical theatre and plays, through to comedy, concerts and festivals, with more than 750 performances each and every year.

Riverside Theatres also boasts a dedicated children’s program, with the highlight being the ‘Spot On Children’s Festival’ – a jam-packed nine day program of performances, events, games and activities for kids, and the largest festival of its kind in NSW!

Right next to Riverside is the city’s famed Church Street. Featuring a range of great restaurants and cuisines from across the globe, Church St is Parramatta ‘on a plate’. For a unique Korean BBQ experience, just swing into The Zungle Korean Marinade BBQ. Unlike traditional Korean BBQ restaurants, at The Zungle the meats are blow-torched at your table, so you get to experience delicious, marinated meats, and a show!

A thriving arts and restaurant scene – Parramatta really is the gift that keeps on giving!


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Riverside Theatres

The Zungle Korean Marinade BBQ