Sydney Cricket Ground

In the summer, the Sydney Cricket Ground is hands down the best place in town to watch the cricket. But in winter, it’s the best place in town to watch the Swans take on all comers in the AFL.

The historic ground has played host to more than just cricket and AFL though, hosting international rugby and rugby league, as well as hundreds of concerts over the years.

The action starts well before the game, with family focused entertainment spread out along Driver Ave. Who knows, you might even win a prize.

Inside the ground you can grab some of the fantastic food from Merivale – burgers, pizza, fish and chips, classic footy fare with a little bit of pizzazz.

Once the ball is bounced, just sit back and cheer with the red and white army. It’s an experience that is totally different to watching on television. The whole ground opens out in front of you, and you can see the all the action that happens off the ball.

Have a classic Sydney night out at the AFL at the SCG. And there’s only one phrase you need to know: Go Swannies!

Sydney Cricket Ground