Sydney Water

We can’t survive without it, Australia’s surrounded by it, and 80% of our bodies are made of it. What is it? Water! It’s our most valuable resource and Mike is going to learn how we store it, how we treat it and most importantly, what Sydney-siders can do in their homes and gardens to conserve it.

Get Water Wise with Sydney Water!

We can't survive without it, Australia's surrounded by it, and 80% of our bodies are made of it.. what is it? Water of course! Head to our website for more tips on how to be water wise:

Posted by Sydney Weekender on Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Out on the dam wall at Warragamba, Mike talks with Sydney Water’s Peter Hadfield about Sydney’s water supply – where it comes from, the capacity of the dam, and what levels the dam is currently storing. After a tour of the Warragamba Visitor’s Centre, Peter also shares with Mike some helpful hints on how to be water-wise at home and in the garden.

Then it’s off to Orchard Hills Water Filtration Plant to see what happens between the dam and when you turn on the tap. Mike joins a school group for a tour of the plant looking at filtration and treatment of drinking water, then conducts a few simple experiments to look at the difference between raw water from the dam and drinking water out of the tap. The three experiments cover PH levels, salinity and turbidity – or the clarity of the water. One thing’s for sure – the results will surprise you!