Sydney’s Savannah at Taronga Zoo

We checked out Sydney’s very own Savannah!

Need a short cut to relaxation? Taronga Zoo have the perfect way to reset and relax with their brand new eco-resort: The Wildlife Retreat at Taronga. Its luxurious accommodation is nestled within the zoo, and you guessed it, you have full access to all the exhibits during your stay at the Retreat. Which is a wonderful thing considering the zoo is spread over a beautiful 69 acres of land with show stopping views of Sydney’s iconic harbour.

And if you find yourself feeling peckish somewhere between the wonder of the bird show and the thrill of the Tiger trail, there is a three-course dinner awaiting you at Me-Gal, the retreats private fine dining restaurant.

Our advice before going to bed? Forget the alarm clock, instead revel in the rare opportunity to wake up to the King of the Savannah himself! Lions have returned to Taronga as part of their brand new African Savannah Precinct, an incredible habitat that was five years in the planning, and aims to educate patrons about these incredible animals and what we can do to protect them into future. And, the African A-list doesn’t stop there, with Zebras, guinea fowls, fennec foxes, giraffes and our personal favourite, Meerkats all providing serious competition to Sydney Harbour’s million dollar views. A win-win all round.

Taronga Zoo, Mosman
(02) 9969 2777