Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

It’s one of the most beautiful love stories ever told, and this weekend, Sally has a backstage pass to meet the magic-makers behind Disney’s Beauty and the Beast the Musical!

Disney’s musical masterpiece is back at Sydney’s iconic Capitol Theatre in a spectacular re-imagined production! With dazzling stage design, updated characters and costumes, state of the art technology, and brand new dance numbers, ‘Beauty and the Beastis bigger and brighter than ever!

Join Sally as she has a stage-side chat – and a bit of a shoe-shuffle – with triple-threat performer, Rohan Browne, about his incredible turn as Lumiere and his spectacular tap-dancing routine during the show’s hit song, Be Our Guest.

Disney’s theatrical productions are known for enchanting us with magical worlds, and as Sally discovers, a major part of creating those worlds is done through costume design. Sally teams up with cast members, Alana Tranter and Gareth Jacobs to find out just how important costume creation is as a story-telling tool in this magical stage show.

Lastly, Sally talks to actor, Nick Cox, about his wonderful performance as Gaston’s villainous sidekick, Le Fou, and in particular about leading the vocal charge on the mug-clinking, crowd-pleaser, Gaston. Nick also shows Sally a few of the spectacular sets and props that help to make ‘Beauty and the Beast’ a theatrical experience like no other!


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast