The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan

There are gardens, and then there’s the Australian Botanic Garden! Located at Mount Annan, out in western Sydney, the gardens are the biggest garden of their kind in the country, covering an astonishing four hundred and sixteen hectares, and containing thousands of species of plants. The gardens are divided into different sections, with rolling hills, lakes, lawns and gardens. Highlights of the gardens include the Connections Garden, the Wattle Garden, the Stolen Generation Memorial, the Blue Tree, and Sundial hill, where you’ll discover an incredible, uninterrupted view, out over western Sydney, and beyond.

One of the Australian Botanic Gardens most interesting locations is actually inside at the Australian PlantBank. The PlantBank is a facility, run by botanists, where thousands of native seed species are stored on-site, in order to preserve them- and our future as a species- in perpetuity. The seeds are collected, then cleaned and dried, before being stored in the ‘seed vault’, where temperatures are minus 20 degrees. Visitors to the botanic gardens are also welcome to visit the PlantBank, and observed the fascinating and valuable work, undertaken in the facility.

Entry to the park is free, and so are organised garden tours, run by a team of dedicated volunteers. There’s also photography workshops, and workshops for kids. And should you need a drink, or a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, The Melaleuca Café, is a conveniently located, on-site amongst bush gardens, with both indoor, and outdoor seating!

The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan
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