The Taste of the Winter Olympics

With the 2022 Winter Olympics, in Beijing, about to begin, China and its incredible culture is front and centre on the world stage. Sports aside, for those keen to indulge in the flavours of one of the world’s oldest cuisines, the Sydney Weekender team have been hard at work to find some of Sydney’s best Chinese eateries.


In the heart of Burwood, just down the road from Chinatown, is Xi- an Eatery. This family-run restaurant focuses on street food, found in the north-western town of Xi- An. And running the kitchen, and making handmade noodles daily is family matriarch Hong Shen. These noodles are transformed into stand out dishes, including their signature Biang Biang noodles, and the Chinese style burgers, served with the delicately spicy cold skinned noodles.


In Chippendale’s Kensington Lane food precinct, Holy Duck! Are putting their own modern spin on classic Chinese Flavours! The restaurant is flanked by a traditional hanging rack, lined with cured ducks, the star attraction at this eatery. The duck pancakes are a stand-out dish, although the duck has been not only cured, and steamed, but deep fried also, giving it an incredible texture and crunch! For the vegetarians, there’s a deep fried black sesame tofu, with spinach, and some more more traditional dishes like the succulent wagyu, stir-fried with black pepper, and decadently spicy szechuan chicken wings. Make sure you try one of their decadent cocktails, such as the Holy Duck featuring vodka, fresh kaffir lime, lychee, ginger and coconut water.



Xi’an Eatery, Burwood

Holy Duck!, Chippendale