Tilba and Aboriginal Tourism

The town of Central Tilba on the Far South Coast lies in the shadow of Mt Dromedary. Known to the local Yuin people as Gulaga, the mountain holds an important place in the indigenous culture of the region. Felicity is staying at the spectacular Tilba Lake Camp and learning more from indigenous guide Dwayne Bannon-Harrison.

Dwayne tells Felicity the dreaming story of the mother Gulaga and her two sons Barranguba and Najanuga. Barranguba, the older son, decided he was old enough to move away, and broke away. We know Barranguba as Montague Island. The little brother, Najanuga, also wanted to go, but Gulaga kept him close. He’s the smaller mountain to the south of Gulaga.

The stunning Tilba Lake Camp overlooks the ocean and the lake, and it’s the perfect backdrop to Dwayne’s stories. Hosts Rebecca and Tim’s magnificent glamping tents feature king sized beds, star-gazing windows and even an option for in-tent dining.  Or try the newest accommodation on the property – two tiny houses called Bonnie and Clyde. Complete with full kitchens, bathrooms and deck areas, you’ll be amazed at how much space a tiny house can create.

And you can’t visit Tilba without a visit to the Tilba Real Dairy factory, where dozens of award-winning Tilba cheeses are produced each day, all of which are available to buy on the premises!