Time to Climb

You don’t have to head to the bush or the mountains to go bouldering. In fact, you don’t even have to leave town.

9 Degrees is a bouldering gym in the heart of Waterloo and it’s the best place to get a taste for the sport, then keep coming back to get your chops up.

Bouldering is pretty much like regular rock climbing, but there’s no ropes, and no harnesses, just nice soft crash mats on the floor in case you lose your grip. And as well as using your hands and your feet, you’re brain gest a workout too, as you have to decide the best way to navigate your way up the wall.

There are nine degrees of difficulty – hence the gym’s name – and they are clearly colour-coded so you know which hold to grab onto next. Start at yellow and work your way right up to the hardest of all – the white. And once you get really good, you can try the multi-coloured spray board, or the high-tech kilter board.

While you’re in Waterloo, you have to check out the crazily colourful Social Hideout café. Decked out with thousands and thousands of flowers, this could be Sydney’s prettiest café, with food to match.

There are some of the most Instagramable dishes you’ll find in any café in Sydney, from mains like the Bulgogi Burger and Porky Mac and Cheese, to the Taro Hotcakes, Ruby Pannacotta and the Ferrero Roche Waffles. And the drinks are as fun as they are tasty.

9 Degrees, Waterloo

0418 124 488

Social Hideout Waterloo
8068 4482