Ultimate Paintball in South West Sydney

Planning a party? Getting a group of friends together? Or just letting that special someone know how you feel? There’s just one thing to do – go paintballing!

Karen and Lizzy are spending the day at Ultimate Paintball, one of the most challenging and just plain fun paintball courses in Sydney. Ultimate Paintball is set on 120 acres at Cawdor just outside of Camden, and has fourteen different fields to fight in – including The Castle, Trench Warfare, Airplane Down, Zombieland and the most popular field of all: D-Day.

Just two girls, two guns and fluoro wristbands. Who will be crowned the Sydney Weekender Paintball Warrior Queen?

It’s a big day out, and it’s a great way to show off your competitive side. Gear up, load up and splatter your friends. It’s a different kind of day in the bush!