Urban Beekeeping

Not that long ago if you saw a bee – you’d swat it. Or spray it. Or scream and slam the flyscreen shut in a fit of panic!

But, we know better these days! Bees are our friends; and backyards, city rooftops, balconies and public parks are swarming with hives as more of us understand the importance of bees to the health of the planet.

Sydney’s Centennial Parklands is home to 6 hives of bees, set up by The Urban Beehive – firstly to protect the local bee population but also to teach the art of backyard beekeeping.

We’ve got Matt Basely “suited up” for the one-day Beginners Course which is a basic intro European Honeybees and how to keep them in the city.

He meets a couple of drones (boy bees who just want to mate!), the Queen Bee (who just lays eggs all day!) and Matt witnesses the birth of a baby bee – a very moving occasion. He even names it – can you guess what?

But, the story gets even sweeter – of course! There’s honey to be tasted -straight from the hive, jars of it to take home – and, if you have, time order some sourdough toast at Centennial Homestead Kitchen and slather it with your very own harvested honey.



The Urban Beehive
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