Wannabees play centre lets kids pretend to be firefighters, beauty therapists, chefs and more

As kids, we all dreamt of what we wanted to be when we grew up! Now, the kids of today can go one better, and explore a full range of professions, at Wannabees Hornsby.
Wannabees is not just a play centre, it’s an educational space, and is structured to resemble a mini city. Kids can try their hands at being firefighters, police, vets, posties, construction workers, beauty therapists, fashion designers, supermarket workers, and even chefs.

One of the most popular rooms at Wannabees is the fire station, complete with a fire pole to slide down and working hoses for kids to put out a simulated fire. Other popular rooms are the TV studio, complete with news desk and a green screen that can transport kids into different worlds. Budding DJs will love the in-house radio station, where they can host their own or a group show, and the beauty salon is a world of fun, with hairdressing and nail painting tools and facilities. Who doesn’t love a dress up? Kids can do all this, and more, at Wannabees.

Imaginative play, and role-playing has many cognitive benefits for kids, as well as improved confidence and self- esteem. Wannabees is all about creating a safe space, where kids can leave the real world behind and fully explore their imaginations.

Parents are welcome to ‘stay and play’, or drop and head off for a shop. On site, there’s a ‘Parents Retreat’ for parental respite and an in-house café. Wannabee’s café provides healthy and delicious kids’ fare, as well as a range of adult dishes from across the globe. Favourites include butter chicken, wok-fried noodles and homemade dumplings.

Parties at Wannabees are not only fun, but educational, hosted by professional party planners who encourage kids to partake in a range of hands-on activities. Wannabees has two locations — Hornsby and French Forest.