Whale of a Time

Do you want to take in a harbour cruise? Have a lovely lunch on the water? Or maybe go beyond the heads and see some whales? Well, what if I told you you could do all three on the one trip.

Sydney Princess Cruises is offering just that on their Oz Whale Watching Experience. Leaving from Circular Quay, your afternoon starts with a leisurely cruise round beautiful Sydney Harbour. You get to soak up all the sights – the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the beautiful bays of the Eastern Suburbs.

Next on the agenda is lunch, and Sydney Princess Cruises really know how to turn it on. Take your pick from the brimming buffet, filled with salads, hot dishes, snags and you can even grab yourself a bucket of prawns.

But don’t eat too much. We’re heading out the heads and straight on to the Humpback Highway. It’s whale watching season and there are plenty of our spouting friends to be seen. The boat also has qualified marine biologists on board to answer any question you might have.

It’s a triple threat tour – cruise, lunch and whales, and it’s only at Sydney Princess Cruises.


Sydney Princess Cruises