Wild Explorers

Get your wild ones out of the house and into the great outdoors in Centennial Park! Sally joins a band of tiny explorers to sing along, get muddy and discover the beauty of the bush in our own backyard.

These days, kids spend more time than ever on screens – including in the classroom. But one school is getting kids off their devices, and out into nature! Bush School, in Sydney’s Centennial Park is all about creating connections between kids, and their natural environment. Children gather in a beautiful, outdoor classroom where they learn about the various animals in the park, from cicadas to turtles. There are stories, songs and craft activities, as well as guided bushwalks in the surrounding nature. Kids enjoy structured learning, as well as freeplay in the mud kitchen, as well as on the wooden seesaw and other cool areas.

For kids that like to go wild in nature, there’s The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden. This is an incredible space, dedicated to kids, where they can enjoy water play in the waterpark, and bushwhacking through the Bamboo forest and other areas of the garden. The garden is also home to the first official treehouse in Centennial Park. Best of all, the garden is gated so, while the kids roam, parents can relax, knowing their children are safely enclosed in this magical space.

Getting back to nature is hungry work! No picnic/packed lunch? No worries because The Spruce Goose Diner has got you covered! Kids can enjoy a range of American-inspired meals and snacks, from chips and hotdogs to milkshakes. And for the adults, there’s delicious Reuben sandwiches, as well as great coffee.


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