Fast Ed’s Faves

Better Homes and Garden’s Ed Halmagyi ( aka ‘Fast Ed’) has stepped out of his
usual kitchen, and onto the streets of Blacktown, to share with us some of his
favourite foodie destinations, in the melting pot of this fascinating suburb.

Blacktown is one of Sydney’s most multicultural suburbs, with locals hailing from a
plethora of different cultures, and speaking hundreds of languages. And when Ed’s in
town, his favourite restaurant to visit is Gursha. This ‘hole-in-the-wall, blink-and-you’ll
miss-it’ establishment showcases Ethiopian food, with the staple being a flatbread
they call ‘injera’. The freshly-made injera is served with a range of meat, and
vegetarian, featuring flavours that will excite and enthral. One of the highlights of a
visit to Gursha is an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, rounding off your meal, with a hot
pot of freshly roasted coffee served with incense and a side of salty popcorn to finish

Running equal first in the Blacktown restaurant stakes, according to Ed, is Radhe
Chatpata House, the home of vegetarian cuisine, from all across the subcontinent!
The kitchen is abuzz with specialist chefs cooking Indian dishes and delicacies, from
Masala Dosas, to fresh and world-class naan, paratha and chapati breads- a staple
of Indian cuisine. Astonishingly, there’s over three hundred vegetarian dishes on the
menu, from all parts of India, covering the north, south, east and west!


Gursha Ethiopian Restaurant

Radhe Chatpata House